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At Hedzhunt you are not looking for a job. You wait for him.

Already part of the established culture of job seekers or wanting to change your current one, the way is to create a perfect resume to be sent to as many companies as possible.

These resumes are fired on various recruitment sites or emailed to corporate HR managers and await a return that may never happen. Hedz is absolutely against it all. We believe that looking for a job that you don't know if it exists or where it is doesn't make any sense.

In the Hedzhunt app, you, a professional not looking for a job, he looks for a job that matches your professional characteristics. What's more, you are aware of everything that is going on during the process: if you were selected, if you are under review, how you are compared to the competitors in this vacancy, and finally agree to participate in the final stage of the interview.

Hedzhunt is the shortest distance between a vacancy and a professional!

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