Learn how to improve interpersonal communication and save your day at work!


The relationship between employee and boss is often complicated, because the pressures and responsibilities in everyday life can be difficult for a boss to deliver the message he really wants to his employees, and not being able to express himself well, ends up giving a rigid image with words, making it challenging in a leader’s daily life.

When an employee is part of this close routine with a rigid boss, demotivation may arise. Thus, it interferes with productivity, good results and can also bring health problems to the employee due to the fact of great stress, opens a door for psychosomatic diseases.

In this situation the employee may find a relief valve to improve communication. Being cautious in problem situations, maintaining emotional balance during a discussion and not taking it personally can help kick off a good relationship. If the way your boss approaches you while talking is affecting you, the best option is to propose honest and professional dialogue.

Avoid a resignation, don’t hit head on, try to keep him informed of events, and learn how to deal with your boss’s strong genius to improve personal and professional contact. If the measures taken are not enough to improve the relationship, a sector transfer or even looking for another job can be of great help.

Communication based on education and good manners within the organization is indispensable. When you have balance in interpersonal relationships, many benefits for employers and employees come about, as well as promoting local harmony.


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