About Hedz

HEDZ is a company whose mission is to provide relevant and quality information to professionals and companies in all areas, in order to foster development and growth. Its slogan reflects this in just three words: Business, Professional, and Information.

Following a worldwide survey of more than three years with executives from various countries on five continents, Hedz was founded in September 2019 with its first product: Hedzhunt, a tool that enables companies, whether small, medium or large. great, find professionals with speed, quality and low cost and without the need for any external intermediary.

In its line of development, HEDZ has a host of other innovative products, also results of this long research, which will be launched in sequence to keep its mission alive and active.


Our mission is, through software, to provide fast, relevant and quality information for small, medium and large companies and for professionals from all areas, thus providing growth and development.

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