Differentials and Benefits

Low cost

The BASIC version has zero cost and allows you, professional, to be located and hired by any company. But with the PRO version, for a fair and affordable price, you have a world of advantages.

More Opportunities

Define different professional activities to be located and in various cities across the country, increasing your chances of relocation.

Market intelligence

Not hired? We will give you all the information available from the hiring process you have participated in so that you understand where you should invest to improve your chances.

Process Information

Here you are not looking for a job, it comes to you! From the moment a company starts a search for its profession to the final selection process, you follow everything that happens step by step.


Leave your "Do Not Disturb" status if you are happy with your job, but with a flick of your finger you will switch to "Searching for a Job" if you resign or "Searching for another Job" if you are dissatisfied with the current one.

Easy to use

Simple and intuitive! And with the constant help of a friend through explanatory videos.


Want to look for a better job without your business knowing? The Hedzhunt platform has security levels to minimize this risk.


There are different ways you can be our partner and get paid for it!

Understand Hedzhunt

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