Differentials and Benefits

Without Intermediates

Hedzhunt is not a headhunter or a job site. Inspired by the Uber model, it is a platform where contact is direct between the company and the candidate - without intermediaries.


Candidates confirm their interest in vacancies by ticking the condition "seeking employment", which they must confirm once a week, or "wanting to change jobs", confirming once a month. This way companies invest time searching only with the really interested professionals.

Low cost

The investment is only a fraction of other paid professional search channels and payment is only made after finding the professional in the desired profile. Searching, separating and analyzing the best candidate has no cost to your company.


From registering on the platform to locating the available professionals in the chosen profile, it only takes a few minutes, as well as to analyze your professional data and select the profiles most compatible with your search. The ideal professional can be interviewed and hired quickly without comparison.

Value / Investment

There is no luck factor here, every dollar that your company invests fully reverts to a professional in the profile sought and interested in the job.

Search Efficiency

The company locates all available professionals in a specific area, but is also informed of all existing professionals in other regions who are interested in vacancies in that area.

Complete Search Tool - One Stop Tool

"One-stop tool" is a unique tool for locating professionals, selecting them, analyzing them, exchanging messages, scheduling interviews, conducting online interviews, and thanking the non-chosen.

Ease to select

The company will be able to use our unique tool called Smarttable® at no cost, which allows you to analyze up to 50 candidates simultaneously, comparing and sorting them quickly and easily over a fraction of the time of the conventional method.


A search by the company is not identified by the employees who are on the platform, thus avoiding difficult situations in case of secret replacement.

Co-participation in the process

Many company professionals can participate in the process of reviewing and ranking the best candidates, even if they are from across the world, in a collaborative and unprecedented way.

Hiring process record

All company hiring processes are recorded. No information is lost and can be accessed at any time.

Companion Search Tools

If the professional is not available in the search process, the platform provides two more tools to locate professionals not yet on the platform.

Common sense

No more accumulating CVs in the drawer or computer. The hiring process is initiated by the company on the Hedz platform when there is a need for a new employee on its team.

Visual interface

At the time of the search, no lists or tables. The platform is visual with all candidate identification on a map where the company (or job location) is in the center.

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