You may have a vocation for any of the new professions that have come up!


Technology has brought a huge evolution and influence in everyone’s life, could not be different in the profession. Deciding what to study in the undergraduate course became even more difficult, because with the advances in technology, several new professions have emerged, so it is very important to analyze in detail all the possible opportunities that each course can offer and aggregate in the future professional.

The job market has been continuously expanding, and consequently the demand for qualified professionals. All the great advancement of technology has led to the emergence of some new professions in the market, but with great acting responsibilities.

Check out some professions of the future:

Social Media Manager
It is one of the professions in the field of communication, an area that has grown a lot today. Most people and companies have at least one social network, so the importance of a manager in this area is born. This professional should have good communication, know the means in which consumers are inserted and their behavior, be creative, have mastery of digital media and know exactly what to write.

He is considered a future health professional. He is responsible for assisting in the prevention of genetic diseases and is also responsible for studies related to human reproduction.

Mobile Marketing
With the number of smartphone users growing every day, investing in mobile targeted marketing strategies has become essential for any business. It was from there that space for the profession arose, the Mobile Marketing specialist has as main objective the continuous contact with the consumer to develop and improve mobile products and services. Increasing company or brand recognition opportunities.

It is the science that studies the aging of the human being in order to meet the emotional, physical and social needs of an elderly person. Profession that creates and plans the best means for the elderly to have a better quality of life.

SEO Analyst
A website does not appear on the front page of Google by chance, this is where the professional responsible for applying search engine optimization techniques comes in. The SEO analyst develops search engine positioning strategies, working to ensure that the web page has a high volume of views.


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