A company that cares about its employee achieves success!


Managers have now seen an increase in spontaneous resignations, which means that this means job turnover. This event is related to the recovery of the economy, even though it is still in its infancy, professionals took advantage of the gap to seek new opportunities, which were blocked due to the unemployment crisis that the country has been going through.

This portion of people opting for a job change is an important mark in reversing the crisis. The employee can change jobs more easily due to job openings, and as a result of the act, the number of hires increases.

However, it is not an improvement in the job market, which sees negative points with the high turnover. The consequence can impair productivity, companies lose the need to hire a new professional and end up sinning in training and capacity interfering with the health of the organization.

However, economics is not the only factor that influences job turnover. The action may be related to working environment conditions, low pay and lack of benefits. In order for an employee not to have to change jobs or area of ​​expertise, it is imperative that the corporation care about a good place where they can have a career path, good leadership and that the place is harmonious and safe.

In order to be addressed in a way that benefits both, HR professionals need to structure an analysis of recruitment, training, motivation and benefits processes, as the search for opportunities by employees is directly related to the improvement of benefits found in other vacancies. These measures will help the organization retain talent, maintain productivity and motivate employees to be part of the team.


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