Alert: Are you unemployed or discouraged? It’s time to react!


Discouragement is a term used to refer to a particular audience, who under various conditions have lost hope of getting a job placement. Simply put, it is the dismay of people who need to work and are finding it difficult to get started.

Despite being aware of the importance of a profession, and the income earned to survive, the search for an opportunity in the market was no longer part of their daily lives. Vacancies were becoming somewhat distant, with demands for professional experience, and the lack of return when delivering resumes made unemployed workers seeking relocation give up continuing the search until they got into the situation of discouragement.

Opportunities have been almost nonexistent, but when a wave comes to market, there is also a huge line of people vying for the job. And often these people believe that the reason for losing the chance is themselves. Factors such as age, lack of experience, lack of qualification are largely responsible, for example.

The attempt to restart is also another cause of discouragement, because this is the phase in which the person has spent some time without being part of a work routine, and are usually older people, which makes insertion difficult.

According to surveys conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the number of unemployed has not only increased abundantly, due to the fact that discouraged people do not enter the unemployed account. So the number of discouraged people is increasing significantly.

This situation that forces unemployed people to look for other ways to maintain family income, often end up opting for informal jobs, “jobs” or even self-employment. Since the discouraged give up anyway and end up living in precarious situations, often these people are unable to pay for the delivery of resumes, which ends up contributing to the discouragement.


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