Making a difference on the first day can bring you personal and professional fulfillment.

The first job or the first day in a new company should be a special step in everyone’s life, will be the main contact with the job market. The importance of this day is significant for all subsequent professional phases, and knowing how to behave on this date can help meet the expectations you create.

Some tips can be followed for the first day at work. After all, it is a time to meet new people, to know their work activities, responsibilities and goals, then to show the potential for which they became effective and start their professional profile. Here are some tips below:

1.Be punctual:
Being punctual shows that you are responsible, and punctuality is essential. So arriving minutes early will make a difference, causing a pleasant climate of commitment to the company.

2.Be polite:
Greet everyone, smile, be kind, answer questions clearly and provide pleasant conversations. Anyway, as the saying goes, “kindness breeds kindness.”

3.Take care of appearance:
Making a good impression is not just an interview task, so investing in looks for the first day is interesting. Having studied the company wearing environmentally friendly clothing and knowing how to use accessories has value, care and personal hygiene are indispensable.

4.Show interest:
As this new stage began, new knowledge emerged, so show interest in learning, getting to know, and participating in the activities. If questions arise do not be afraid, ask! Besides being clarified is a way of showing that you are aware of past information.

5.Watch out for slang:
Using formal language is a great habit to adopt, and starting on the first day will help you with professional posture. Of course there is no need to exaggerate the words worry about making a good impression, after all, every organization has its communication standard just try to fit.

6.Make notes:
Even if your memory is ten, have a note-taking schedule, after all the hiring processes you have been through a lot of emotions and you won’t remember everything that was said on this day. And nothing bothers you more than repeatedly asking something that has already been taught. So write down any and all information said.


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