Small details can make a big difference at interview time

After finding that long-awaited vacancy, applying and receiving the invitation to the selection, the candidate begins to get anxious and think about how he will do in the interview, how he will deal with the answer he will receive in the end, nervousness takes over, and often all of this can be a reason to get in the way, thus eliminating the chance of getting the job even though you’re a good professional.

As a popular saying goes, “the first impression is the last one”, this also fits the interview, as the recruiter begins to evaluate the candidate from the first contact, not just when they answer the questions. Therefore, the smallest details will make the difference: arriving early, a good education at the time of greetings, smiling, secure and firm handshake, mobile phone off, showing interest and enthusiasm for the job, among many others, are important diversities that will help in time to secure the vacancy.

A strong ally at the time of the interview is personal marketing, a differentiator for the candidate who will be in contention with other competitors. It is nothing more than selling your fish strategically and responsibly, showing specific skills, abilities, confidence and showing that it will contribute to the company’s growth will help you earn a few stars with the interviewer.

Another way to stand out is in the way you dress. Yes! Wearing appropriate clothing for the occasion looks good and shows your responsibility. Doing research about the company and the products it offers can also help you. Studying about mission, vision and values ​​of the place leads to a space to create a comfortable dialogue and to show interest in the position within the institution.

Considering training clear and objective communication is another tip for the day of the interview, but it is not just your communication that is responsible for the message you intend to convey, your body posture, tone of voice, questions and consistency of sentences become an effective group when well prepared.

Talking about yourself seems difficult, but interviewers are always betting on this kind of question, knowing how to talk safely, ways to express yourself, pointing out positive and negative points always intending to be working to improve them, also help you to getting closer and closer to the job opening, so any preparation for the interview is welcome.


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