Psychological tests help in the recruitment and selection of candidates.


Psychology gained space starting with the function of people selection, where with strategies it was possible to say more about the professional profile. The question of whether a person is capable of performing such a function may sound like a pre-judgment, but this does not become a crude way of classifying professionals. At the time of recruitment, it is seen as opportunities for efficient analysis, and through strategies and study tools it is possible to know the qualification of a professional profile that fits the position perfectly.

The use of psychological tests serves to analyze a profile and to help identify personality traits and points relevant to the job performance in which the candidate is competing. They are applied during the interview by psychologists with tests and dynamics in order to identify aspects not perceived by recruiters. The most applied tests are:

Reasoning Test Battery (RTB)
Test that helps the practitioner recognize the candidate’s ability to think logically and assess ease of problem solving.

Concentrated Attention (CA)
Checks the ability to focus with focus on the given activity. The test can be applied in groups or individually. A sheet with several triangles of different sizes is given, in which the candidate needs to identify the target stimuli.

Wartegg Test
Analysis that investigates the personality of the subject, who must complete drawings in squares by the first image that comes to his head. With specific focuses that constitute the personality.


Zulliger test
Applied individually or collectively, it is by means of three boards on primitive aspects of personality, affectivity, emotions and relationship. The interpretation of the boards provides the in-depth result of the candidate’s personality.


Due to the facts, for the selection of personnel, the analysis of the professional profile is indeed important, since one of the biggest difficulties of the organizations is to select a candidate that, besides technical skills, fits in the rhythm profile that the company and the company have. needs, the application of the tests only contribute to the correctness of these questions.


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