But conscious questions during the selection process are welcome.


One of the most important steps in the selection process is the interview, which for many people may seem like just one step, where the recruiter is just analyzing the candidate. With the answers obtained, he will come to the conclusion whether in fact the competitor will be part of the team or not. But in addition to the importance of preparing to respond to interviewer questions, the interviewee is preparing to be part of a team, where they also seek quality for the environment.

Therefore, the opportunity for an interview is also aimed at the candidate, who seeks the best work environment to grow professionally. So, asking the recruiter about company issues during the selection process will lead to a dialogue for both of them to know the points of interest regarding qualification.

As the idea is to demonstrate the research done about the company and know more about it, try asking the recruiter questions that can be answered in addition to a “yes” or “no”. Questions such as: What are the job responsibilities? What are the goals of the company? What is the management style? What do you expect from the candidate in your vacancy? What are the challenges to be faced? What is the organizational culture? – can be beneficial when choosing the best place to perform a professional function.

Therefore, asking the manager questions is a great way for dialogue in the interview when they are asked wisely, without intrusion not to create discomfort, and in order to show interest in finding out more about the organization. The recruiter assumes that the candidate is interested in contributing to it, just as the institution is willing to collaborate with their professional career.


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